Creative writing challenge – 2AM Photo

This creative writing challenge is a bit of fun and a slight detour from my usual posts. I find it lots of fun to write fiction as a stream of ideas. Starting with the basic details, it’s always a surprise to me what I’ll write. For instance, when I started writing this I realised my character was male, late teens and still living at home in his mum’s flat.

If you fancy trying it for yourself, go to this link for further details:

2AM PHOTO by Cat Lee

One new message.
Oh man, what the hell.
It’s the middle of the night and my brain feels like a rock has crashed into it. I sit up in bed and reach for my phone. Christ it’s 2 am; who is texting me at this time? I really hope it’s not Jenny in a drunken mess again; checking up on me in the vain hope we’ll get back together. I don’t think I could deal with her right now, I’ve had one too many myself tonight. Unknown sender. I click to open the message… What the…

Which weirdo sent me this then? I stare at the screen, brows furrowed and try to figure it out. I don’t think I recognise the writing. I’m looking at a blurry photo on my phone screen. It’s of a post it note with the words ‘get out now’ in heavy black pen.

Seriously, who the hell text this to me and why?…
Well I know one thing, I’m too tired tonight to figure it out. I throw my head back under the duvet and it’s not long till I’m sleeping. I wake again to another text notification half an hour later. It’s the same thing again. Surely this is some idiot prankster messing with me. Yeah well fuck em, I’m turning this thing off so I can get some proper shut eye.

The following morning I wake with a banging headache…

Mum “Morning love. Your Russle Brand hair do is looking good this morning.”

Me “Yeah, haha mum… So have I missed brekkie then?”

Mum “Too bloody right! It’s almost midday and I’m off to work now so you’ll have to sort yourself out… Oh I almost forgot, this came for you in the post today.”

I never get mail, and this is a hand written envelope. I sit rigid in my chair staring at the envelop. It’s got the same writing that’s on the post it note in those text messages I got last night. I’m proper freaked, but finally open it to find a blank sheet of A4 covered in post it notes. My stomach cramps and I bolt up from my chair. Get out now, get out now, get out now – they are all the same. I reach for my phone. It’s been set on silent mode since the second text last night. Oh my god, I have twenty new messages in my inbox. What the… no no no no no. This is bad. This is real bad. I think I’m gonna be sick.


~ by celee on March 18, 2013.

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