Hang it all!


So I will be hanging pictures in my hallway this weekend. I know that we want to display Charlie’s drawings and Natassia’s photography in this space. It’s a huge hallway with lovely high skirting boards and lovely Downpipe Farrow & Ball paint on the walls. It’s crying out for an injection of personality; some markers of who lives here and what we like.

I’ve not got all the images in frames so this will be an ongoing thing I’m sure. Also I quite like the idea of having a monthly change over – okay then, maybe two or three times a year is more realistic – but to have it as a gallery really appeals to us all.
There are of course rules to exhibiting pictures and other objects well. Some of these I swear by, others I swear about. So I thought I’d share some of these with you here on my blog. Let me know if you have any other tips on how to hang it all!

Golden rule: Work from the bottom up…
Choose a base line on your wall and be sure to keep all your pictures either on or above this line. Starting from pieces of furniture, like this dining table for instance, helps to frame the overall display. See how the eye leads up from the table top, and the dining chairs frame the outer edges of the arrangement of pictures?

The secret to pulling together this look starts with hanging the bottom row first. Then allow the rest of your pictures to expand up the wall. An eclectic mix of pictures, prints, objects and even postcards makes for a really interesting display. It also allows for a more personal collection of images and objects; Ikea prints of pretty pebbles be banned! Oh and while I’m thinking about it, this type of arrangement needs a neutral background. Bright, dark or pale will all work, but wallpaper with large motifs will drag the soul out of your images so just don’t go there…ever!

This eclectic approach to hanging pictures and objects is by far my favourite approach to display. For me it feels like an extension of art-studio display into interior design. What could be better than that?

Golden rule: Hang pictures to eye level
To hang pictures at eye level you need to measure 57″ from the floor to the centre of your picture. So say for example you want to hang three or four pictures side by side along one wall. Ideally you want to guide the eye to look at this arrangement of pictures pretty much straight on; most contemporary ‘white cube’ art galleries follow this simple rule. To achieve this look you need to work out where the centre of your picture is (so if you have a 30″ frame you will know that the centre point will be 15″). So measure your 57″ up and then lightly mark a further 15″ up from that point – 72″; that is where the top of your picture will sit. Once you have decided on how to hang the pictures ( nails, picture hooks etc.) you can work out where on the wall you need to hammer or drill your holes so your finished display should end up pretty much at eye level.

If you are hanging a group of two images one on top of the other then simply calculate the height of both frames and add a further 2″ to allow for spacing between both frames. Then work out the centre point and apply the 57″ rule to achieve the desired result.

Wow! This is turning out to be a short essay and the numbers are hurting my brain (I am hopeless at Maths!). I will work on a Hang it all 2 post with more thoughts on hanging pictures soon.


~ by celee on March 15, 2013.

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